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Hardware Status tab is not available

vSphere Client doesn’t show Hardware Status tab when you login to vCenter Server, it is due to vCenter Hardware Status Plugin is not running on vSphere Client. Try enabling this plugin to see if it helps.

If you get an error message like below, and you are running Windows 2003 (maybe XP, too) then your system where vSphere Client is installed is missing a update.


Obtain and install this hotfix from Then restart the system.

After restart, you got your Hardware Status tab back, and plugins are running fine.


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Restarting Openfiler iSCSI Target via Command Line

To restart iSCSI Target service in Openfiler, you need to have console or ssh into openfiler. When you make changes to iSCSI configuration file manually, you may need to restart the service. The Command “service iscsi-target restart”, will restart only iSCSI target service

~ $ ssh -l root
root@'s password:
Last login: Tue Jul 30 12:43:42 2013 from
[root@of ~]# service iscsi-target restart
Stopping iSCSI target service: ......                      [  OK  ]
Starting iSCSI target service:                             [  OK  ]
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Discovering VMs that require Snapshot Consolidation

In the event when you restore VMs from backup or when delete Snapshot operation fails, then Snapshot List and actual Snapshot (Delta VMDK files) could become inconsistent. In this case VMs require Snapshot Consolidation, otherwise Delta-VMDK file continue growing its size without your ability to delete the snapshot as it is not listed in the Snapshot Manager.

In vSphere 5.0 above, VMs that require Snapshot Consolidation can be shown the message as you see below.


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